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Tentara Nazi Yang di Takuti semasa Perang Dunia II

Mungkin anda sudah pada tau cerita tentang kekejian tentara nazi saat berlangsungnya perang dunia II.. pada era perang dunia II Ada beberapa Tentara yang paling ditakuti di dunia.. nama-nama mereka tersebar luas di Eropa, Afrika dan juga di Asia.

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Las semillas son derivados where Plantas where cannabis Que a compruebe científicamente llamado hemp. Esta es Hierba UNA Annual Plant Que puede llegar UNA where UNOS Altura 18 pies. La Plant florece Durante El Verano de la etapa de mediados Otoño. Las Flores pueden August masculinos of femeninos, in ciertas Plantas producen ambas cosas.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life Portrait of the Nation Indonesia

This is the typical photographs of an entity called 'Indonesia' with all its uniqueness that is unrivaled by any other country in the world! This is a typical face of Indonesia that many people do not expect and imagine. An exciting cultural treats and delights the eye. Enjoy!

Street children. It is also typical of Indonesia, at least I never found or watch on TV abroad, children under the age of begging on every street stopan. Poor families are not taken care of by the state as mandated by the Constitution of 1945, utilizing her children begging. Social Service invisible motion. Springy stopan Indonesia seems to be typical. Difficulty survive make their move anywhere to eat and many of those who make profession.

The Kuw Muh Elite Village. This is typical of Indonesia's elite residential area called "The Village Elite Kuw Muh." No elite how, posat presence in metropolitan Jakarta. In addition to this elite complex is a high-rise buildings, full of hubris straddle capitalism, the harsh concrete jungle and the arrogant individualism. A group of desperate people who live in the middle of hubris that ultimately have to live anywhere that can sleep ... important cities of Jakarta and other Indonesian big problem facing complex problems of urbanization are not set up this ..

Transport fourth world. Public transportation is really a creature unique to Indonesia.
Characteristics are:
(1) Stop and turn at will I, alias where wrote, including under the signpost "No Parking"
(2) people smoke-free inside the narrow
(3) and most recently, buskers. Because land is getting narrower ngamen, public transportation ngamen finally using that as well. Most genjreng origin, where the song where the music, and like the picture above sang out again, so it was not for Mercedes passenger is played to the audience that the people were.

Guests are very uncertain. This loyal guests a distinctive and very definitely come to Indonesia every rainy season. Not typical of how, dry season, low tide, rainy season, definitely ... definitely ... and certainly flood. Gituuuu .... aja all year! As a result of unplanned development, chaotic and not controlled, so the results. In other countries, there is also dong the flood, but generally unpredictable, such as hurricane and so on. But the beauty of Indonesia, the flood was a regular alias is always always. Not by the storm, but by the uniqueness of Indonesia alone. When the rains come, haqqul sure, definitely a lot of flooding everywhere. Do not ask the government, kesalahkaprahan residential development has been very severe. Try to how we are not proud? Live Indonesia!

Congenital without calculation. Only in Indonesia, there are motorcycles, tricycles or the person selling the goods "soared into the sky" to cover the rider. Or, luggage is not balanced by the rider and the police are not rebuked or menilangnya. There was no tightness in the highway in Indonesia for the safety of passengers. Traders are also the same. Like the photo above, the goods setoko inserted them into the wheel wares. There is not so in America or Japan's unique scenery like this??

Crowding. In Indonesia, the culture queue is very expensive, because it is expensive and rarely found berantri order, become so typical of Indonesia. The new queue is only in modern institutions such as banks, government offices and private, campus etc.. But what percentage is it? It was just a small scene in urban areas, while the cities is just the points in the state of Indonesia. Generally, in the society especially in rural and rurban areas (rural-urban) is still difficult to culture queue. And there are interesting, even if our society in line, usually up to touch his body even closer, something that does not exist in developed countries.
Moreover, when basic needs have to queue. Awareness is low, the population is too much and land a narrow all coalesce into "dough resentment" that is difficult to overcome. If you do, do not feel is unique to Indonesia, try sekali2, do not dwell in the luxury and modern office only, in convenient places only, sekali2 to the area, to the terminal, to tempat2 huddled together with a small society in order to feel the real Indonesia.

Iron horse is wild. This is typical of horses Indonesia who now do not want to eat grass because it has changed again with the premium. This species, from Medan to Jayapura, have characteristics in common: bergimung like flies, berated the red light, nyerempet-nyerempet advance, if another alternative so jammed sidewalks, pedestrian diserempet, stopan Menuhin at the zebra crossing, and drove against the direction. Because the unregulated production, dedicated lines are not made​​, the rule of law is only a matter of a speeding ticket and then the police get money, setting the bike became very difficult and complex to be neat and orderly. Living in Indonesia is really independent. Indonesia Life ....!!

Queen of Nyi Roro Kidul. Are typical also of Indonesia is a legend. Belief in the legend is strong and ubiquitous as the Hindu heritage. People have gone to the moon, sun and planets plotu, our committee is still legend. Maintained longer, such as special rooms Queen of Nyi Roro Kidul in the Ocean Beach Hotel No. 13 is, in Palabuhan Queen of Sukabumi. In the photo, her husband, the owner of this blog, it seems is shaking hands with his wife Nyai The Queen, who was lying invisible. Uing tea ...!

The kitchen is "full memories." You are already rich? Do not forget the legacy of our ancestors are dong. This is the typical stove and the oldest in Indonesia. In the Sundanese name hawu. There is not so in other countries? There may be different but the shape and style. For me, this is really typical of Indonesia. Seeing natural stove is reminiscent to our home in the village, to the grandparents house first, to the homes of rural people are comfortable and peaceful.
His home stage and stove wood stove like this. Imagine wrote, cold-cold air again, we sit in front of anget above tiker bamboo, while waiting bubuy sampeu (roasted cassava) there, nyedot kentel hot coffee, chocolates while enjoying a cigarette needle sang songs from the radio dangdut Rhoma Irama transistor two bands Aakh beautiful ... ... the city is now on nyari natural situations ginian. Hence, restaurants everywhere, back to the natural design, which is close to nature as we have seen in many places, especially in West Java.

Culture talkative. This is the typical culture of Indonesia "modern" the most vulgar, disgusting and annoying: CULTURE talkative !!!!! There's American Idol, ikuuutt ... Indonesian Dodol! Yes Mbok make Indonesia an original idea, what can not? He said a lot of clever-clever reply. Talkative event like this on TV a lot of us who do not depart from the culture and traditions of Indonesia. The owner and manager of television, is the most severe and tacky in a matter of cultural and mental development of this talkative. Mental television managers, the managers of entertainment events is really hick! Poor establishment, poor idea, poor thinkers, poor creativity.
Severe disease is considered 'cool' and 'modern' anything that comes from the West. This is a severe mental inferiority, mental inlanders. In fact, many events are not suitable for our society with a rich religious and cultural diversity. The managers of television is clever-clever and successful in the cities it's very stupid that we have hundreds of ethnicities, cultures and traditions of hundreds of forms, dozens of regional languages ​​and dialects. Which TV shows that raised the nation's wealth of tradition? Which events that encourage unpatriotic and nationalism? No! Our young generation who continue fed by the frenetic, the hustle and bustle, the secular, who came from outside. Finally, artisme and selebritisme an idol, a living ideology and orientation of adolescents. If you do not know the artist, old-fashioned.
If you do not have a cult artist, plebeian. "Lofty ideals" many teens today are so soap opera actress. celebrities, models, so the boy band. Ideals of rubbish! "Noblest activity" many teens today are shooting, auditions, singing, running catch, Icih fanclub, Ijah fanclub. Who wrote such things! Idol of the youth is no longer our national heroes or those who excel as Olympic champion math / physics or a sports champion.
but "success", biarin owe too, biarin every day jam too severe, stress also, the important words a great person, successful and wealthy. Syusyah ...

Bin Severe Loss Routine. This is what makes millions of Indonesian people stress. Hiiyyy ... ... maceet, annoying and very painful. According to psychologists, many of the city of Indonesia "mentally ill" without realizing it because often ambushed by this severe congestion. Bogged down in another country, but in Indonesia is very severe with low public awareness on the highway, irregular, want to win themselves, each other serempet, each piece, each Trip, stopped arbitrarily, turning casually.
Anyway, is barbaric. Hence, real nice tuh kampong life: peace, quiet, fresh, clean air. Patient origin do not want to be rich. But ya, like kayaks that do not necessarily make a happy life is coveted by most of our society. Our society is more concerned with prestige car anyway ... Got his prestige and so-called "successful", biarin owe too, biarin every day jam too severe, stress also, the important words a great person, successful and wealthy. Syusyah ....

Champion of corruption. It is the pride of Indonesia for decades, since the New Order until now Reform Order. Corruption has not changed and is still hard to eradicate. Try, districts, provinces and institutions which are absolutely clean of corruption in Indonesia? No, there is yet to be revealed. Indonesia repeatedly ranked first, aka "the best" among the most corrupt countries in the world. If not to-1, yes the 2nd or 3rd.
Equally corrupt in our culture of public transportation drivers, small traders, traders in the market to high-level officials, members of the DPR / MPR, even the high courts should prosecute the corrupt. Really bad and sad. But that's what we love Indonesia. Of course we are fed up. But just sick, wrong. The truth is to start from ourselves to not do the corruption of the small ones such as cheating, lying, cheating, greedy, etc.. This is the roots of corruption. And let us support the Commission with a vengeance.

Go home ... go home ... go home ...! It's a beauty like no other on earth, the most eagerly awaited Indonesian family. After the Eid and forth. Aaakh togethers with family fun ... Mudik not exist in other countries. Whatever is sacrificed for the sake of going home, despite coming into the village lived a John Doe died on the journey. Biarin, an important homecoming! And the funny thing is, many are going home, but rarely fasting So, what does that mean yes?

The world's most delicious food menu. Well .... here it is. Ouch, so laper nih ... Eating together chili paste and fish sauce ... delicious eemmhh ... so definitely, absolutely typical of Indonesia. Moreover, hot rice, eating on the edge of fields, mencoleknya with fresh vegetables and banana, and when given the money to eat while perched on account of hundreds of millions, seven cars, five ladies in waiting, two helicopters, ten servants, land one district, waah ... guaranteed fun ketulungan not. Sambal also exist in other countries, but chili paste is diulek-ulek and rocking the baby plus salted fish exist only in Indonesia. The two lovebirds are known as a friend to eat and most sustained audience tastes in the world ...

Independence chaotic. This is typical of Indonesia. Sell ​​it while there is a place where. Danger? Number seven! There's no rules really. As long as governments allow and do not provide the ingredients may mean, ya gak? gitu aja hassle.

Desperate. How to ride public transport wrote how, during the police just watched, not rebuke. The important thing to. Woe? Just what I care about? ...

Food heaven. Emmh ... typical delicacy of Indonesia. Smell but stimulating. True friend is the chili paste and fish sauce. A scientific article describes dozens of efficacy of the "beautiful scenery" is. Indeed, the creation of God nothing is wasted. Sundanese people believe it as "food heaven that fell from heaven." Packed with the prima donna, secured, add the rice 3 times is minimal!

The scriptures are pathetic. The Qur'an is the holy book the most popular and most widely read daily by billions of Muslims around the world. He is the words of the great and holy God. Al-Qyr'an have changed the world. But, the traditional Islamic schools and mosques in the villages Indonesia treat it like this. For goodness' sake. Be this uniquely Indonesian. But despite this battered, this trail is the sweet memories students-students who are now so successful people. This trail also has produced many great scholars of Indonesia.

Agustusan party of the people. Although many critics, the nation's independence anniversary show why just this way, less meaningful. Leave it alone! Colonial era we can not like this. Emergency, the Company may at the same bang! Want? Do not sentiment, the important people happy. When the government and our officials will please the people?? When? Let's answer? Can not answer right?? yes he is ... .. wong they just thinking about her own belly.

And sit down! This is the only way we stop the fun came to power, forget to turn. Difficult anyway, have been sitting forgotten standing. Quote of the country of Indonesia that is only one person who could be president? No way. Turns dong ...! Thankfully, now its time for democracy.

gamble all night. This is not exist in developed countries where people often stressful and even suicide. Why kill yourself, ya gak? Already tired of life, suicide again. Very stupid! Passable way: gapleh and staying up all night. The important thing is fun! Work ethic? Bullshit! Aja kayak do not know. In Indonesia, the bone slam hard work also remains ngaruuh aja ... gak! Aja remains poor. Economic prosperity is not our right, but the right of a handful of people who protected the individuals and the rights of corrupt officials. If people like her happy because most of the money, why should not we the little people? Answer euy!

Rain. ... Fun! Here's our little people in the village when a bath, free and united with nature. "We are strong and healthy! Eh, lu boy rich kid? The rich? Stay out of me ... can hurt you! later mommy mad! "I bet a lot of rich people who now become leaders and high officials, little time at home like this ... claim is!

Liwet party. Delicious.! liwet eating rice and congregation on the leaves. The symbol of democracy, egalitarianism, fairness, transparency, equality, democracy, mutual help, solidarity, equality and others. So many universal values ​​embodied in "the great culture of liwet" this. An unimaginable joy! Unfortunately, many people look at one eye. Acun skipper (Tasikmalaya government officials) sit in the middle as he plucks Jeung upper beak. He is a candidate Regent Tasik 2030.

Typical truck world. Well ... here it is typical of Indonesia. The writings on the truck is very enjoyable to digest as a cure stress. Look at the example above: "" Jail ih "(a child's skirt to reveal sexy tante2). "No time for mama!", "Hunters Widow!" "Well my fate." The funny thing else I have ever read for example: "Home shame not miss home," "Take a wife, girlfriend pick," "Istighfar euy!" (nyindir couples who are affected by lust in a car that is behind his truck), "" Dirarang meroko before coffee! "Hahaha .... Sngat exciting world of trucks and truck supir2 it also turned out to creative-creative. Sentences and painting the truck is a picture of the life of a typical truck driver in the world ....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tentara Nazi Yang di Takuti semasa Perang Dunia II

Mungkin anda sudah pada tau cerita tentang kekejian tentara nazi saat berlangsungnya perang dunia II..
pada era perang dunia II Ada beberapa Tentara yang paling ditakuti di dunia.. nama-nama mereka tersebar luas di Eropa, Afrika dan juga di Asia.
ini lah tentara-tentara yang paling ditakuti di dunia :

1. Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel (1916-1982)
Stuka : Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel (1916-1982). Inilah manusia yang dianggap jago semua jago Jerman, manusia paling pemberani yang dipunyai Hitler, dimana seakan efek perang tak pernah tampak dari wajahnya yang selalu tersenyum.

Penghargaan tertinggi yang bisa diberikan Jerman pada putra terbaiknya, Goldenem Eichenlaub, menjadi miliknya seorang dan tidak selainnya. Sebagai seorang pilot Stuka, catatan kemenangan Rudel akan membuat siapapun ternganga.

Inilah rincian dari 2.000 mesin-mesin perang musuh yang telah Rudel hancurkan.

dalam 2.530 misi tempur yang telah dijalaninya :
519 tank,
150 senjata artileri,
800 kendaraan,
70 perahu pendarat,
4 kereta api lapis baja,
1 kapal penghancur,
3 kapal penjelajah, 1 kapal perang, dan beberapa jembatan dan 9 buah pesawat terbang sekutu

2. Hauptmann Hans-Joachim Marseille (1919-1942)
Pilot Tempur Di Front Barat : Hauptmann Hans-Joachim Marseille (1919-1942). bisa dikatakan adalah pilot paling menakjubkan dan bertalenta yang pernah ada. Meskipun pesawat musuh yang dihancurkannya "hanya" 158 buah (jauh banget jika dibandingkan dengan sang pemegang rekor Erich Hartmann dengan 352 kemenangan), tapi semuanya dibukukan di Front Barat. Lha, apa bedanya? Sangat! Para pilot Sekutu biasanya dilatih lebih baik dan mendapat jam terbang lebih banyak dibandingkan dengan kompatriotnya di Uni Soviet, dan karena itulah lebih susah menembak jatuh pesawat Sekutu daripada pesawat Rusia. Yang lebih membuat tercengang lagi, begitu jagonya Marseille sehingga sudah menjadi kebiasaan apabila skuadronnya bertemu dengan skuadron musuh (berapapun banyaknya), maka yang maju sendirian adalah Marseille sementara kawan-kawannya menyaksikan!

3. Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer (1922-1950)
Pilot Malam : Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer (1922-1950) telah berhasil menghancurkan 121 pesawat musuh hanya dalam 164 misi tempur, dan kesemuanya dilakukan pada malam hari! Sebagai seorang pilot Nachtjagd (tempur malam), Schnaufer bertugas untuk membela tanah airnya dari gempuran bomber-bomber Sekutu yang biasanya datang pada waktu malam hari. Karena prestasinya inilah dia mendapat julukan "Hantu Malam Dari St. Trond". Sayangnya, pilot jempolan ini mati muda dalam kecelakaan mobil ketika sedang mengunjungi kebun anggurnya di Bordeaux, hanya 5 tahun setelah Perang Dunia II usai.

4. Major Erich "Bubi" Hartmann (1922-1993)
Luftwaffe : Major Erich "Bubi" Hartmann (1922-1993). Ketika Perang Dunia II usai, pilot tempur ini baru berusia 23 tahun. Tapi di usianya yang semuda ini, dia telah berpangkat Major dan tercatat dalam buku sejarah sebagai pilot dengan rekor kemenangan tertinggi. Tak kurang dari 352 pesawat musuh rontok di tangannya, dan itu hanya dilakukannya dalam 3 tahun saja! Julukan yang diberikan kepadanya seabrek : "Bubi" (karena berwajah bayi), "Karaya One" (julukan para pilot Rusia berdasarkan gambar yang ada di pesawatnya), dan "Ksatria Pirang dari Jerman". Ketika ditanya prestasi apa yang paling membanggakannya, ternyata bukanlah skor kemenangannya, melainkan bahwa Hartman tidak pernah kehilangan seorang wingman pun dalam 825 kali pertempuran udara yang telah dilakoninya!

5. Hauptmann Günther Viezenz (1921-1999)
Penghancur Tank : Hauptmann Günther Viezenz (1921-1999) telah menghancurkan 21 buah tank musuh dengan tangannya sendiri! Di antara peledak yang telah digunakannya di antaranya adalah panzerfaust, T-mines, hollow charge, granat dan lain-lain. Untuk prestasinya yang luar biasa ini, dia tercatat sebagai penerima terbanyak Tank Destruction Badge, 4 buah Gold dan 1 Silver. Asyiknya, Viezenz adalah orang yang benar-benar rendah hati, dan setelah perang usai dia bahkan tak pernah bercerita ke siapapun atas prestasinya yang luar biasa tersebut!

6. Fregattenkapitän Otto Kretschmer (1912-1998)
U-boat : Fregattenkapitän Otto Kretschmer (1912-1998) dengan panggilannya "Silent Otto". Dari September 1939 sampai penangkapannya di bulan Maret 1941, Kretschmer telah menenggelamkan 47 buah kapal musuh dengan total tonase 274.333 ton! Tapi prestasinya ini masih belum menyamai jago-dari-segala-jago Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière, komandan u-boat Jerman zaman Perang Dunia I yang berhasil menenggelamkan 194 kapal dengan total tonase 453.716 ton!

7. Oberfeldwebel Kurt Knispel (1921-1945)
Panzer : Oberfeldwebel Kurt Knispel (1921-1945) adalah pemegang rekor tertinggi jagoan tank dalam Perang Dunia II dengan 168 kills yang telah terkonfirmasi, sedangkan bila digabungkan dengan catatan kill-nya yang tidak terkonfirmasi, maka rekornya akan melonjak menjadi 195! Dia adalah benar-benar seorang panzertruppen sejati, yang memulai karir dari loader, gunner, sampai komandan panzer. Anehnya, meskipun memegang rekor sedahsyat itu, penghargaan tertinggi yang diterima Knispel 'hanyalah' Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (bandingkan dengan Michael Wittman yang menerima Schwerter)! Kemungkinan besar ini disebabkan oleh sifatnya yang anti-Nazi sehingga menghambat karirnya. Biografi lengkapnya bisa dilihat disini

8. Gefreiter Heinrich "Hein" Severloh (1923-2006), "Si Buas Dari Omaha" Yang Membantai Pasukan Amerika di Normandia!
Gefreiter Hein Severloh difoto bulan November 1943 ketika sedang mengambil cuti di Jerman sebelum bergabung kembali dengan unit barunya, Artillerie-Regiment 352, di St. Lo Normandia.

gambar ilustrasi hein severloh membantai tentara amerika(sekutu)

9. Gefreiter Matthäus Hetzenauer (1924-2004)
Sniper : Gefreiter Matthäus Hetzenauer (1924-2004) yang berasal dari Divisi Gunung ke-5 Jerman mempunyai rekor 345 kills, dengan kill terjauhnya (telah dikonfirmasi) tercatat dibukukan dari jarak 1,1 kilometer! Senjatanya adalah rifle K98 dengan lensa pembesaran 6x dan rifle Gewehr 43 dengan lensa pembesaran 4x. Dia menerima anugerah Ritterkreuz tanggal 17 April 1945, setelah secara sendirian menghabisi dua buah kompi Uni Soviet!


Patroli U-boat terlama : Korvettenkapitän Eitel-Friedrich Kentrat adalah jagoan u-boat yang terkenal (dan pernah beroperasi di perairan Indonesia). Patroli pertamanya dengan U-196 menjadi terkenal ke seluruh dunia meskipun dia hanya berhasil menenggelamkan dua buah kapal dengan total tonase 12.000 ton. Patroli tersebut tercatat sebagai patroli paling lama yang dilakukan oleh sebuah kapal selam di saat perang (sampai pada saat itu). U-196 meninggalkan galangan kapal Kiel tanggal 13 Maret 1943 dan pulang kembali ke Bordeaux tanggal 23 Oktober 1943, 225 hari kemudian! Dalam foto di atas terlihat jelas pengaruh patroli yang lama dan menegangkan tersebut dalam wajah Kentut eh Kentrat.

10. Erwin Rommel
Generalfeldmarschall (Heer) termuda : Erwin Rommel diangkat sebagai Generalfeldmarschall pada tanggal 22 Juni 1942 di usia 50 tahun dan 7 bulan, tak lama setelah pasukan Afrikakorps yang dipimpinnya berhasil menguasai pangkalan Inggris di Tobruk.

Kalau yang Satu Ini anda sudah pasti Tau kan..
Manusia Terkejam pada Masa Perang Dunia II

Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889) adalah diktator Jerman yang terkenal, dianggap bertanggung jawab terhadap Holocaust; Adolf Hitler memerintah Jerman 1934-1945 sebagai penguasa mutlak; Adolf Hitler menjadi presiden Nasional Partai Pekerja Sosialis Jerman pada tahun 1932. Menurut perkiraan antara 1939 dan 1945, kekuasaan Hitler menewaskan lebih dari 14 juta orang, termasuk enam juta orang Yahudi, orang-orang tewas di kamp-kamp konsentrasi, ghetto dan eksekusi massal, selain cara yang disebutkan di atas, banyak orang mati kelaparan dan penyakit; Kekuasaan Hitler berakhir tepat setelah perang Jerman melawan Rusia pada Juni 1941, ketika pasukannya kalah perang dari Rusia; Hitler meninggal pada 30 April, 1945 setelah melakukan bunuh diri.


7 Negara Tertua didunia

Sejarah dari sebuah negara tidak lepas dari pengakuan kemerdekaan kepada satu negara tersebut.. tetapi apakah terbentuknya suatu negara karena ada perang..?
Bagai mana dengan negara-negara yang tidak pernah mengalami peperangan.. apakah negara tersebut diakui sebagai satu negara. mungkin ini akan menjadi pertanyaan besar.
disini ada beberapa negara tertua di dunia.. dan hingga kini negara tersebut masih berdiri dengan kokoh..

Negara : SWITZERLAND / Swiss
Ibu Kota : Bern
Berdiri Tahun : 1291
Sistem Pemerintahan : Federal
adalah sebuah negara federal berisi 26 canton di Eropa Tengah yang berbatasan dengan Jerman, Perancis, Italia, Liechtenstein dan Austria. Swiss adalah negara yang sebagian besar wilayahnya terdiri dari Pegunungan Alpen.

Negara : Andorra
Ibu Kota : Andorra la Vella
Berdiri Tahun : 1278
Sistem Pemerintahan : Federal
sebuah kepangeranan kecil yang terletak di Eropa bagian barat daya, di timur bantaran Sungai Pirenea dan berbatasan dengan Perancis dan Spanyol. Negara mewah ini terkenal dengan sektor pariwisata dan status bebas cukai. Andorra merupakan sebagian dari negara-negara Katalan.

Ibu Kota : Lisboa
Berdiri Tahun : 1143
Sistem Pemerintahan : Republik
Sebuah negara di Eropa bagian barat daya. Negara ini berbatasan dengan Spanyol di sebelah utara dan timur. Di sebelah barat berbatasan dengan Samudra Atlantik. Selain itu, Portugal juga mempunyai daerah di Madeira, Azores dan Kepulauan Selvagens.

Negara : DENMARK
Ibu Kota : Copenhagen
Berdiri Tahun : 950
Sistem Pemerintahan : Monarki konstitusional
Kerajaan Denmark (bahasa Denmark: Kongeriget Danmark) adalah negara Nordik yang paling kecil dan paling selatan. Denmark terletak di sebelah barat daya dari Swedia dan selatan dari Norwegia. Negara ini terletak di Skandinavia, Eropa Utara sehingga termasuk Uni Eropa namun tidak berada di Semenanjung Skandinavia.

Ibu Kota : Sofia
Berdiri tahun : 632
Sistem Pemerintahan : Federal
Adalah sebuah negara di Eropa Tenggara. Bulgaria berbatasan dengan lima negara: Rumania di utara (sebagian besarnya di sepanjang Sungai Donau), Serbia, dan Republik Makedonia di barat, dan Yunani dan Turki di selatan. Laut Hitam membatasi negara ini di sebelah timur.

Ibu Kota : Paris
Berdiri Tahun : 486
Sistem Pemerintahan : Republik
Merupakan sebuah negara yang teritori metropolitannya terletak di Eropa Barat dan juga memiliki berbagai pulau dan teritori seberang laut yang terletak di benua lain.[1] Perancis Metropolitan memanjang dari Laut Mediterania hingga Selat Inggris dan Laut Utara, dan dari Rhine ke Samudera Atlantik. Orang Perancis sering menyebut Perancis Metropolitan sebagai "L'Hexagone" ("Heksagon") karena bentuk geometris teritorinya. Perancis adalah sebuah republik kesatuan semi-presidensia yang tidak punya presiden. Ideologi utamanya tercantum dalam Deklarasi Hak Asasi Manusia dan Warga Negara.

Ibu Kota : San Marino
Berdiri Tahun : 301
Sistem Pemerintahan : Republik
Republik San Marino merupakan negara terkecil ke lima di dunia dan dikelilingi oleh Italia tepatnya di sebelah utara berbatasan dengan provinsi Rimini, daerah Emilia-Romagna dan di sebelah selatan provinsi Pesaro dan Urbino, daerah Marche.

San Marino adalah negara republik konstitusional tertua di dunia, dibentuk pada 3 September 301 oleh Santo Marinus dari Rab, seorang tukang batu Kristiani yang kabur pada saat persekusi agama oleh Kaisar Romawi Diocletian. Konstitusi San Marino diberlakukan pada 1600, adalah konstitusi tertua di dunia yang masih berlaku.